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Here you can learn about shear theory in liquids, low shear equipment and technologies used in the Petroleum industry. Low Shear School is a living portal, where everyone can learn about low shear technologies, and are welcome to share their knowledge, participate in discussions around interesting topics, and to contribute to the development of this portal.






Droplet break-up in valves

An article discussing droplet shearing in valves and the effects on the downstream droplet sizes and separation efficiencies

PW pump case study

A case study based on an actual produced water pump application evaluating the operational and economic benefits of low shear and coalescing produced water pump types.

Offshore Magazine Article

An article discussing how Low shear valves simplify separator debottlenecking

Coalescing Pump Paper

Performance of a Coalescing Multistage Centrifugal Produced Water Pump with Respect to Water Characteristics and Point of Operation

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Importance of the droplet size parameter in three-phase separator sizing methodology
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Quick introduction
to Low Shear

A quick dive into the meaning of Low shear and Low shear technology.

Separator sizing and droplet sizes

An overview presentation about different sizing techniques for a gravity based separator and an importance of the knowledge of dispersed droplet sizes.

Low shear valves are the most efficient measure to enhance oil water separation

Norwegian Environmental Agency published the report for “Work towards the zero discharge to sea from offshore petroleum activities”

The effect of shear on produced water treatment

Shearing of production fluids creates tight oil/water emulsions, including small droplets of oil in water and small droplets of water in oil.


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